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Dry Cleaning Service

Dry cleaning is a process where clothes and fabrics are cleaned without being submerged in water or subjected to prolonged extreme heat. It is ideal for materials such as wool, cashmere, velvet or silk (amongst others). In fact, these fabrics should always be dry cleaned to ensure that they are not ruined. It is never wise to clean these types of fabrics on your own without proper industry grade materials, equipment and knowledge.

Our Dry Cleaning Service will not only preserve the color and feel of your clothing but it will preserve the structure and fit as well. This will allow your clothes to have a much longer lifespan and look good for much, much longer than traditional water-based laundry.

  • We have over 35 years experience in the dry cleaning business, with nearly 20 years in Morgan Hill. We are very experienced in keeping your clothes looking their best!
  • Have a special occasion or a hot date? Bring that dinner gown or dress shirt over and rest easy knowing that it will come back looking crisp and fresh!